Case Study: Growing $100 Million Internet Retailer


A growing $100 million online marketer of learning products wanted to expand into new marketing channels, fix their email marketing, expand their online marketing tactics and augment their understaffed marketing and creative department.


Marketing Management Solutions was brought in to attack several issues at once.  Here are some of the things that we accomplished:

  1. Spearheaded new channels in offline marketing – developed strategy, identified ad agency, led the creative and offers, handled all details of launch and rollout including promotion planning and logistics.  Drove channel to a $2 million spend.
  2. Organized large consumer database, fixed segmentation and merchandising issues to set up future marketing.
  3. Identified agencies and helped select partner for expansion into DSPs* (Demand-Side Platform) for further online marketing.
  4. Laid the groundwork for other offline marketing channels, including radio and traditional print.
  5. Made recommendations for staffing and department structure.  Reviewed candidates and conducted interviews.

*Demand-Side Platforms are a digital way to purchase internet advertising space that is targeted to your audience based on various algorithms and data collected on the internet


Marketing channel expansion and diversification for the company.  The company is poised to grow and be more profitable, including the hire of full-time marketing staff.