Manufacturers selling to Manufacturers

We have quite a number of conversations with manufacturers who feel they have a unique marketing situation – their target clients are other manufacturers.  Perhaps they manufacture a product that is used in manufacturing production or maybe they manufacture a component that becomes the final product.  Some of these manufacturers sell components of components and are two, three or even four vendors removed from the final user in their vertical market.

What is the best way to reach other manufacturers?  Know who you are talking to.

Our manufacturing clients begin by understanding their target market:

  1. Identifying the vertical – are there applications for their products in medical device manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, jewelry manufacturing, etc.?
  2. Within the vertical, what types of manufacturers use that product – typical geography, revenues, number of employees, etc.?
  3. Who are the top five ideal clients – company names of who they would love to be at the top of their customer list?
  4. What are the titles of the people involved in making a decision to use our clients product – it is important to know as many involved in the process as possible – the champion, purchasing, decision maker – this could include operations, finance, executives, engineering at multiple levels within an organization.
  5. Where are these people – do they get their information on the computer, from trade publications, at trade shows, through consultants, etc.?

Once a manufacturer has this specific information on their target market, marketing plans can be created that support lead generation, identify the most interested prospects and support the business development efforts of executives and the sales team.

The team at Marketing Management Solutions has worked with many manufacturers who sell to other manufacturers.  When the prospective marketplace is fully understood, a clear marketing strategy and plan to reach the prospects can give the manufacturer an edge in a competitive marketplace that can support aggressive growth strategies.

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