Email Blast Systems Comparison

Are you confused about which email blast system to use for your email marketing program?

Jill Kahlenberg, President of Marketing Management Solutions, recently compared four email blast systems for an audience of business owners and marketing professionals at Compu-Tutor's Act! v17 Roadshow event.

Most businesses need to consider many factors including some or all of the following:

  • Who will design the email creative?  
  1. design professional with html experience
  2. marketing person with some design knowledge
  3. novice who needs an intuitive-easy to use template builder
  • Where are the email records stored and updated?
  1. within the email system
  2. in a customer database
  3. imported/exported for each email blast
  • How are email results and analytics desired to be reported and tracked?
  1. for each individual customer record
  2. campaign level only
  3. prioritized call lists for sales team
  • What budget is available for the email blast system?

If you are considering changing your email blast system and would like to discuss this, call Jill at 215-262-0419, or send her an email at  

Marketing Management Solutions offers consulting services around email marketing programs including:

  • Custom email template designs
  • Content plans
  • Marketing calendars
  • Writing/creation of individual emails/campaigns
  • List selection
  • List rental
  • Email deployment
  • Drip marketing campaigns

Click the files below to view the email comparison charts presented at the roadshow event.

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